Many homeowners who have time and available funds may spend weeks or even months preparing their home to list on the market. Positioning your property in the best possible light may help you to receive a top-dollar offer in minimal time. Remember that your home is competing with other similar listings, so any effort that you make to differentiate it can be beneficial. While your primary focus may be on staging the home, improving curb appeal, and other cosmetic improvements, there are a few important reasons why you should get a pre-listing home inspection and use the report to guide some of your efforts.

1. What to Expect from a Pre-Listing Home Inspection: A List of Repair Items

A pre-listing home inspection report provides critical information about the structure of the home and its major components. This includes the plumbing and electrical systems, the roof, the appliances, and more. This report will detail repair issues throughout the home and includes hi-resolution photos showing areas of concern. While you are focused on making your home look appealing to a potential buyer, buyers also pay attention to the home’s condition. Your home inspection report provides you with a list of items that may require your attention. Now that you know what a home inspection report covers, we’ll explain why you should schedule a home inspection before listing your home for sale.

2. The Ability to Take Preemptive Action

Most buyers request a property inspection themselves to learn more about the true condition of a property before they finalize their purchase. While some repair and maintenance items are to be expected, serious issues may be alarming to buyers. In fact, some buyers may be so concerned about some repair issues that they decide to back out of the sale. Because you will know ahead of time about any serious concerns, you can take preemptive steps to correct the problems or disclose them upfront and price the house accordingly.

3. Reduced Negotiations

Property condition is a common subject that arises during negotiations between buyers and sellers. While most buyers expect a home to show some wear, they may not be willing to purchase a property with significant maintenance issues, or even with one very serious issue. They see that the home is yours, so the property condition problems are yours to fix. When you are able to identify and correct significant problems before listing your home, you take away some of the buyer’s leverage for negotiations.

4. A Smoother, Faster Sales Process

Ordering and using a pre-listing home inspection appropriately may help you to attract a buyer sooner and get an offer more quickly. It also can help you avoid delays related to negotiations, having to make last-minute property repairs before the closing date, and more. Altogether, you may notice that the entire sales process is faster and less stressful.

A pre-listing home inspection can usually be completed quickly and at a reasonable price. More than that, it can provide you with critical information that can be used to your advantage. If you intend to sell your home soon, now is the right time to order a home inspection.

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